Structure Conversion

Mr & Mrs Wainwright came to us with idea of adding an additional two rooms, and a shower room to their property if possible.

The existing trussed style roof space was insufficient, so we removed the old roof and created a completely new roof. They now enjoy a master bedroom for themselves, and their three children now have a games room within the roof. We are told this has become invaluable.

When converting a loft anything is possible to gain the space you require, if the space you have in your loft just is not quite enough then we can simply put a new roof on.

This is probably the most dramatic way of gaining the space required but when carried out in an organised well managed way it is no more hassle than building a dormer window.

The customer's existing hip roof unfortunately had extremely limited headroom so we designed a new roof to span from front to back with gable ends at both and a 50 degree pitched roof to gain the vital headroom needed over the new staircase.

This new conversion added 2 new rooms and a sizeable shower room to the property turning it from a 4 bedroom property in to a 6 bedroom house.

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Case Study

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  • The front of the property with the existing hip roof on.

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  • The new front of the house with the new gable end and extended chimney.

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  • The existing rear of the property with the shallow pitched hip roof.

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  • The new rear of the property again with new gable end with single window, we even put a small canopy roof over the back door just to finish the new look of the building off.

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  • The new staircase to loft was nothing short of spectacular the customer chose to have new American Red Oak newels, handrails and spindles from ground floor all the way up to the loft and we have been told that it has become a bit of a talking point around the town they live.

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  • The view from the foot of the loft stairs in to the new loft landing area.

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  • The new loft landing area facing in to the bedroom 5, Velux window is located at the top of the staircase to give that extra bit of light and the vital bit of headroom required by Building Control.