Line Out Conversion

In this situation, our customer benefitted from good headroom within the existing roof space, but there were planning restrictions due to being in a conservation area.

So we converted the space within the roof and added Conservation Velux windows to let light in, which satisfied both the customer and the Planning Authority.

A line out loft conversion is the most cost effective way of converting your loft.

Your new rooms are constructed solely within your existing roof space without having to alter your roof thus keeping materials and labour costs to a minimum.

These conversions are usually carried out on properties that have enough roof space to walk around in before any work has started.

Some line out loft conversions can benefit from the addition of a pitched roof dormer window for a little more space if needed.

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Case Study

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  • Exposed rafters in existing roof space with hole cut ready for new window in gable end and Conservation Velux windows ready to be installed.

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  • This conversion offers an exposed roof rafter detail for a period feel.

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  • Conservation Velux roof windows are used and easily installed and a standard window in the gable end to throw in as much natural light as is needed.

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  • Existing roof rafters ready for insulating and new en-suite partitions to be built.

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  • A view of the en-suite shower room from the foot of the bed carefully designed to fit under the roof hips to give as much useable space as possible.

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