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Line Out Conversion 8 High Street
Line Out Conversion Lady Place 1
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Line Out Loft Conversions

Line Out Style or Velux Only Loft conversions

A Line Out or Velux only style loft conversion as it is sometimes referred as can be one of the most cost effective ways to convert your existing roof space as it doesn't require any external structural amendments to the roof or major scaffold requirements.

The new rooms are constructed solely within your existing roof space and are generally carried out on properties that already have a high roof line or have enough roof space to walk around in before any of the work has started, if you have a house with a trussed roof then imagine the roof space without any of the central truss cords in it and if you can still stand up and move between the truss cords it is highly likely a line out conversion will be possible, generally newer property with truss roofs have a higher roof line than some of the older properties.

Line Out style conversions are some of the most interesting loft conversions we do as the huge variety of different Velux window options that are available now means that you can make amazing features in the rooms and let an unprecedented amount of natural light in to all areas and the very clever Solar Powered options available that open via an App on your phone become a bit of a talking point!

As the new rooms are created within the slopes of the existing roof it is critical to get the design right to make sure the new staircase works perfectly and there is enough headroom for shower enclosures and doors to work properly and this is where our skilled team of expert loft designers will make sure the new internal structure required takes up no more room than is necessary and will help you make all of the right decisions with the layout.

Our photo gallery in this case study shows some of the various different Velux options available and there are other ways of letting light in by introducing pitched roof dormer windows in to the design.

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