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Pitched Roof Dormer Loft Conversions

Overview of Single Pitched Roof & Double Pitched Roof Dormer Loft Conversions

This style of loft conversion is generally carried out on properties with a slightly higher roof line than most.

Where the roof is pitched on this style of dormer it obviously makes the roof higher than the flat roof style which means the ridge line of the existing roof has to be high enough to accommodate the new pitched roof otherwise it would stick up above the existing ridge line which would contravene permitted development and planning regulations.

The two different styles of dormer we use on these conversions are dependant on the space we are trying to create for the customer internally. 

The single pitched roof dormers in many scenarios don't create much internal usable space but may be the only thing we are allowed to build in certain areas due to planning restraints. 

On properties where it is possible the double pitched roof dormers can offer exactly the same amount of space as a flat roof dormer conversion but are far more labour intensive to build which will raise the cost of the project so we generally build these in areas that planning regulations would not allow a flat roof dormer or if the customer has requested this sort of style to match in with their existing property.

We have managed to come up with various different pitched roof designs over the years to appease planning officers in sensitive conservation areas and quite a few customers prefer this style of conversion over a flat roof design.

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